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1  Local Music / Music / Re: Describe Your Jam on: April 30, 2013, 02:13:57 PM
Hugh Laurie - Let Them Talk
Cedric Watson - L'esprit Creole
Beau Jocque - Git It, Beau Jocque!
The Meters - Fire on the Bayou
Galactic - Coolin' Off
Frigg a Go Go - The Winning Score
The Object at the End of History - The Only Three Random Songs By Them That I Have

missing my home state lately...
2  Local Music / General Discussion / Multitude of Migration(s)! (two of them, at least!) on: April 30, 2013, 10:47:15 AM
omg you guys, the database for this site has now been upgraded/migrated from mySQL4.0 to mqSQL5.0!!!

this is EARTHSHATTERING news you guys! 

you have NO IDEA how amazing this upgrade is! it will change your LIFE. consider it my gift to YOU for being so thoroughly ABSENT from this forum for so goshdarned long!

OR, possibly, my webhost was deactivating the mysql4.0 server and I was thus forced to migrate all old databases to 5.0. 

eh, semantics.

ALSO THOUGH: i myself have physically migrated again! oh yes! I have been gone from lafayette for lots of years now, but Baton Rouge (and the suburb of baton rouge in which i purchased a home) were not THAT far away, and thus my physical being was not that far away from lafayette either.

now though: VERY FAR. I took a job with the federal gubmint a few months ago, and have been up here in the DC area ever since. which, again, is VERY FAR. pretty danged far, that is.

very fun too, which is nice!

and! if it turns out that somebody still uses this board, which seems unlikely, then i might even migrate the actual software as well! it's like 4 years out of date, so this would be a good call!

i was actually somewhat shocked to logon and find that the board had NOT been hacked. remember when we were hacked back in 05, whilst I was in Disney World with Aus5tin? Good times, you guys!  i guess the hackers don't much care about a barely trafficked local music forum anymore, eh?

Flawless strategy for online business security: be tiny and obscure! I think i'm going to SELL that.

anyway! i am at the office at this very moment, and so i shall cease typing and resume economicsing, which is what I am paid to do. and remember kids: VERB your NOUNS. we're in a budget crisis and we need to be EFFICIENT.

peace in the middle atlantic,
3  Local Music / General Discussion / Re: Everybody Else on: April 18, 2009, 03:11:08 PM
dear james,

wednesday, i went teabagging!  it was eversomuch fun! 

there were over one thousand people on the steps of the state capitol, shouting and teabagging! 

the people who were there were all kinds of people!  it was called a "non-partisan" protest, and so there were republicans, conspiracy-persons, racists, and also others!

also, i took many pictures with my camera.  1389 to be exact! 

a nice foreign lady from the internet asked for pictures of teabagging, so i sent her 68 of mine.  she published 3 of them on the internets!  they are the 4th, 7th, and 8th pictures in the slideshow here:

the rest of them must have been bad teabagging pictures, but i put them on the internet anyway, here in the time-out zone:

as you can see, wednesday was a big and fun day for me!  and also for teabaggers!

in conclusion, i had a good week.

Yours in christ,

4  Local Music / General Discussion / Re: good and/or trustworthy torrenting sites on: April 18, 2009, 03:00:53 PM
and for those of you who are into crazy bad, crazy old, or just plain crazy ass movies, there is no substitute for:

hail to the king, baby.

5  Local Music / General Discussion / Re: The Louis David Conspriacy.... on: January 20, 2009, 01:16:55 PM
hmm.  i went to school with and was in the same class as louis from kindergarten to highschool (i left ESA after 8th grade)  and i was in boyscouts with him til i quit in 6th grade.  this should be enough background for me to give some sort of well-formedish opinion here...

alas, i've more or less completely forgotten the guy.  not that this says anything about him, i've forgotten almost everyone who hasn't actively been in my life in the last decade. 

but anyway.  does anyone have a copy of this clip still available?  i know katc went on some sort of rampage trying to take the clips down, but if someone downloaded a copy of the clip, i'd like to see it.  eff words are funnie.
plus i havent seen him in 14 years, i'm kinda curious to see if he's one of those people who somehow looks exactly the same all his damn life (i kinda suspect he would be one of those...)
6  Local Music / General Discussion / Re: Einstein's Riddle on: January 20, 2009, 12:54:30 PM
wow.  best spampost ever.

and yea, that shit took almost ten minutes.  and this is coming off a 9 days of training to teach the LSAT for princeton review, so i should theoretically be pretty up on my logic games skillz.

way to go, anonymous spammer.  i'm sure you just found that on the intarwebs and decided to post it here to determine whether my security was poor enough for you to get through and post awesome sex tips and where to get steroid-viagra-smoothies for cheap, but i still appreciate the diversion.
7  Local Music / General Discussion / Re: Things men wish women knew on: January 20, 2009, 12:03:42 PM
i hate to admit it, but i'm actually being thoroughly entertained by these spambots.  i logged in today to see what terribly clever things were being posted about the inaug, but i was instead captivated by the Hello Gentlemen post.  upon noticing that there were other spambots posting, i went off looking for other one-posters.  and while i recognize that this particular post is yet another of them, i think it's rather well done.  the content itself is innocuous, if lame.  and if you have sigs turned off, i don't even think it counts as a spampost.

regardless, i suppose i should try to beef up the captcha security and keep the spammers out again... but i will miss them.

good times man, good times...
8  Local Music / General Discussion / Re: Hello Gentlemen on: January 20, 2009, 11:59:08 AM
truly am i filled with hilarity.  also, the smilies appear to have fled my server.  i find this most excellent.
9  Local Music / General Discussion / Re: Well that was quick on: November 06, 2008, 10:47:29 AM
Well, as a convicted felon
It ain't gonna be pretty.

Are you a libertarian?

i wonder where that question came from.  i'm guessing the focus on taxes?


i'm a libertarian (small L only, thank you) and i struggled mightily with who to vote for this year.  but in the end, i voted obama and my vote had precisely nothing to do with taxes.

mostly, the breakdown went thusly:

  • Repubs: i would have voted for the 2000 version of mccain in a heartbeat, and had he been running, this would have been easy-cheesy.  alas, some sort of wormhole opened up and replaced that mccain with a bizzarro mccain with a bitchy screeching parrot on his shoulder crapping racist moose turds all over his new suit.  i was not overly fond of this development, so i turned to see what the LP came up with..

  • Libertarian Party:  bob fucking barr.  yeesh.  half neo-con half goldwater republican...  even if his selection as the LP candidate hadn't been HIGHLY irregular, i would have had severe difficulty ever voting for this chode.  which isn't a big deal really, as i rarely vote with the big-L's anyways.

  • Demonrats:  i dismissed the rockstar obama initially as being a bono-level turdburgler and decided to ignore him.  then as some point, i failed to avoid listening to some whackjob evangelical preacher who was listing all the evidence that PROVES that obama is the anti-christ.  needless to say, this got my attention.  i loves me some endtimes.  so yea, being disillusioned with the two above candidates, i decided to check out this fella and see if there was anything worth not-not-voting for.  i won't bother going through the policy analysis i did on his platforms (there were three distinct versions of some of his policies from what i could find...) but i will say this:  i ended up actually voting, and i did so on a single issue. 

    i tend to tell people (especially those i work with) that my single issue was energy policy.  being an energy economist, this justification for voting democrat not only makes sense to them (republicans all), but also got a number of them to actually ask/read/wonder about obama's actually-decent energy plan. 

    the real truth though?   well.  it doesn't much matter.  but i imagine that those of you who know me could probably guess.

regardless, tax policy certainly didn't decide it.  the simple fact is, we replaced the oh-so-terrible tax-and-spend democrats with what-the-fucking-fuck BORROW-and-spend "new republicans", and we are going to have to pay for that.  these shitheads ignored absolutely EVERY fiscal lesson that the previous fifty years of conservatism was supposed to have taught them, and instead decided to run up the national credit card because hey, taxes are bad.  fucking amateurs.

and now we are stuck here with this ungodly bill, and SOMEBODY is going to have to pay.  and unfortunately, that somebody is going to be us.  so no, i don't much care about tax policy at the moment.  or rather, as long as the formation and distribution of taxes is well-done, i don't much care about the LEVEL of taxation for now.  i am quite capable of seeing past the "oh, i will have to pay higher capital gains tax next year" (not that my capital gains are likely to be positive, thank you wachovia) and i recognize that we are ALL fucked for a while. 

we are all in this together.

pdar out.

10  Local Music / General Discussion / Re: Baby Wizard has a baby!! on: March 04, 2008, 01:47:19 PM
thanks for the well-wishes, guys.  i wish i could express my feelings from the last week using something other than tired cliches like "happiest i've ever been" and "my whole world has changed" and blah blah blah, but words fail me.

in fact though, i think dave put it quite well.  i've had to sit back occasionally and observe myself over the past few days, wondering just who the hell i think i am.  i honestly would never have thought that i would make a decent father.  but man, when i look at caroline, i can't imagine doing anything other than my best for this little girl, and it turns out that my best ain't half-bad. 

i'm tired as hell, and i think have a permanent odor of baby vomit hanging about me now, but my daughter is happy, so i'm thrilled beyond belief.

ok i gotta sign off now before i lose it completely.

and no dave, i wasn't IN the operating room (c-section) because i have a bit of a weak stomach, but i was in the room beforehand for the 10 hours of labor, and i was right outside the OR to see my little girl as soon as she arrived.

PS.  for the sake of clarification, The Family Pdar picture consists of: (left to right)

paul darby, elizabeth karr, caroline sophia darby

PPS. and yes, austin keller is the godfather.  parrain.  whatev.

PPPS.  also:  she absolutely loves my beard.  she very quickly (within hours of her birth) discovered that she could control me by using my beard hairs as reins, so now i'm pretty much stuck with it.  woe is me!

PPPPS.  and she loves when i play guitar for her.  it soothes her quite quickly and effectively, and makes all three of us terribly terribly happy.  i haven't started teaching her to play yet, but all in good time.
11  Local Music / General Discussion / Baby Wizard has a baby!! on: March 03, 2008, 10:34:52 PM
As some of you people may have heard (or seen, in a couple of cases) i've got a ridiculously adorable daughter now, as of 2/26/08.   In accordance with U.S. Const. art. LII, 27, cl. 2, i am now legally obligated to post some pictures of my little girl on the "Digital Webs (or) Intertubes".

So here she is, Caroline Sophia Darby:

12  Local Music / General Discussion / Re: LSU on: January 09, 2008, 02:33:13 PM
eh ... lsu - the alma matter of everyone in Louisiana who never went to college

also: me.  at least for my Masterz and PhuD.   which is also the name of my rap duo project with DangerMouse. 

*sigh*   a man can dream.
13  Local Music / General Discussion / American Gladiators, bruh on: January 09, 2008, 02:31:00 PM
so yea, i can't be the only one on here that watched the OG AG back in the day.  i missed the first new episode, but caught the next two (in HD bruh!) and was mostly entertained. 

the unrelenting "brother"s from the hulkster were neat at first, then irritating, and finally comforting.  almost like hanging out with dallas, without the risk of seeing any male genitalia. 

furthermore, despite the desperately over-commercialized nature of the show, i managed to find some ray of hope in the fact that the male winner from each of the episodes i watched nicknamed themselves after small furry animals:  Molivann "Spider Monkey" Duy (tiny little asian guy from ep2)  and Adonis "the Mongoose" Lockett (moderately unlarge black dude from ep3).   Come on.  Going against guys like Hammer, Mayhem, Titan, and Wolf?  A Spider Monkey and a Mongoose?  that takes either serious balls or a serious misunderstanding of zoological taxonomy. 

anyways, i enjoyed myself for a couple of hours, and will probably watch the show again. Moli the Spider Monkey was pretty damn entertaining, so i'll at least try to catch him again in the Final 8.   

Oh, and the female gladiator named Crush is pretty smokin, which also helps.

Overall:  ***
14  Local Music / General Discussion / Re: Whigle, Baton Rouge and Clifford: a cheap pop for Barbecrue on: December 31, 2007, 03:45:19 PM
is the crue gonna form up for a meating this friday?  if so, i perhaps can make it!

get it?  meAting?  haha?
15  Local Music / General Discussion / Re: Barbecrue: Seasons Eatings on: December 21, 2007, 06:57:29 PM
next friday, let's do it like a couple meth heads

well shit.  i'm gonna be in the laf's probably from tomorrow morning until wednesday evening or so.  anyone wanna do some sort of ya know, thing sometime in there? 

c'mon bar-b-fools, le's get our eat on!
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