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Author Topic: Multitude of Migration(s)! (two of them, at least!)  (Read 4474 times)
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« on: April 30, 2013, 10:47:15 AM »

omg you guys, the database for this site has now been upgraded/migrated from mySQL4.0 to mqSQL5.0!!!

this is EARTHSHATTERING news you guys! 

you have NO IDEA how amazing this upgrade is! it will change your LIFE. consider it my gift to YOU for being so thoroughly ABSENT from this forum for so goshdarned long!

OR, possibly, my webhost was deactivating the mysql4.0 server and I was thus forced to migrate all old databases to 5.0. 

eh, semantics.

ALSO THOUGH: i myself have physically migrated again! oh yes! I have been gone from lafayette for lots of years now, but Baton Rouge (and the suburb of baton rouge in which i purchased a home) were not THAT far away, and thus my physical being was not that far away from lafayette either.

now though: VERY FAR. I took a job with the federal gubmint a few months ago, and have been up here in the DC area ever since. which, again, is VERY FAR. pretty danged far, that is.

very fun too, which is nice!

and! if it turns out that somebody still uses this board, which seems unlikely, then i might even migrate the actual software as well! it's like 4 years out of date, so this would be a good call!

i was actually somewhat shocked to logon and find that the board had NOT been hacked. remember when we were hacked back in 05, whilst I was in Disney World with Aus5tin? Good times, you guys!  i guess the hackers don't much care about a barely trafficked local music forum anymore, eh?

Flawless strategy for online business security: be tiny and obscure! I think i'm going to SELL that.

anyway! i am at the office at this very moment, and so i shall cease typing and resume economicsing, which is what I am paid to do. and remember kids: VERB your NOUNS. we're in a budget crisis and we need to be EFFICIENT.

peace in the middle atlantic,

see the cat?  see the cradle?
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